My Beautiful Nanny

Oh Nanny your face wears the hue of the morning
There's nothing so bonny as you dearest Nanny
Your hair like the clouds oer the sunshine adorning
Your face is the fullest of beauty of any
My own pretty Nanny my beautiful Nanny
Oh give me one more o' those beautiful smiles
I'll face the worlds scorn the proudest of many
For no kind o' ambition sweet Nanny beguiles

A face she has got such the Queen might be proud on
Yet Nanny heeds nothing o' praises she hears
The pebble paved brook the clear water raves loud on
Is not half so sweet as my Nanny appears
Her lips red as cherries her eyes bright as pearl
Her neck's like the lily her hair raven black
My Nanny's the fairest sweet beautiful girl
As straight as a Fir dale Hips, shoulder and back

Sweet Nanny my beautiful Nanny come here
How green grows the meadow how shady the tree
The brook underneath it runs beautiful clear
Round Nanny's black gown how delighted the bee
Oh Nanny's bright eyes dearly love the wild flowers
The level green meadow the dark spreading tree
How happy I'd feel in these green sunny hours
If my Nanny vouch[s] afes to smile kindly on me
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