My Bonny Young Anne Maria

The wind blows high and the wind blows low And I wist not where to be
One thought says stop and another says go Thy Ann Maria see
For she is bonny and fair And her features never tire
O' sweet is the face and dark hair Of sweet Ann Maria.

O' she is a bonny girl And she wears a gown o' green
Her teeth are as white as pearl And her breast nothing whiter was seen
O I look on thy face with delight Thy beauty it sets me on fire
I court thee from morning till night My beautiful Ann Maria.

I court thee from morning to night And every half hour O' the day
Thou'rt nought but my love and delight Though all the while absent from me
Thy cheeks are as red as a rose Thy eyes are like sparkles O' fire
Thou'rt a queen in thy holliday clothes My bonny young Ann Maria.
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