My Dear Old Comrade Soldier

My dear old comrade soldier of this our native shore
I'm glad to have the honor of greeting you once more;
To represent our camplife around the blazing fire,
And hear our grand old leaders talk which should our hearts inspire.

The reunions of America
That assemble every year
Where many a gray haired veteran
Sheds forth his briny tear
For many a dear old soldier
Who lost his arm or leg
A-fighting for this Union
And to save the dear old flag.

For the camp life of a soldier
Was filled with bitter strife
It caused a many a husband
To leave his darling wife;
And go at his country's calling,
In the year of sixty-one;
Who fear no storm of battle,
Or shot from the army gun.

And when the day was ended
The stormy night so cold;
They'd lay upon the bare, cold ground
And in a blanket roll.
So give them all a pension
And help them struggle through,
For so nob-ly defending
The red, white and blue.

May God inspire each leader,
Be it as righteous law;
Let this our glorious army
Stand by the noble cause
And as soldiers, sons of veterans
Be loyal, firm and true;
For the pride of this great nation
The red, white and blue.
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