To My Deare Friend R.T. Gent -

To my deare friend R. T. Gent .

Sweet Cignet that so sweetly dost deplore ,
Thy sad lamenting Passions and thy love,
Where TAMESIS doth flow alongst the shore ,
And from cleere Isis doth his passage move ,
Running alongst brave Troynovants right side ,
Till ceasles she into the Sea doth glide.
Thou to the Nymphs dost sing so sweet a tune,
Gracing thy selfe with such a sugred note,
As Waves and Windes, are still, and calmie soone
To heare thee; nor desire thy blow, or flote,
Whilst they do breathe to us this gentle Gust,
Only let ROBIN sing, All other Birds be husht .
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