My Early Home Was This


Here sparrows built upon the trees
And stock-doves hide their nest
The leaves where winnowed by the breeze
Into a calmer rest
The black-caps song was very sweet
That used the rose to kiss
It made the paradise complete
My early home was this.


The red breast from the sweet briar bush
Drop't down to pick the worm
On the horse chesnut sang the thrush
O'er the home where I was born
The dew morn like a shower of pearls
Fell o'er this " bower of bliss"
And on the bench sat boys and girls
— My early home was this


The old house stooped just like a cave
Thatched o'er with mosses green
Winter around the walls would rave
But all was calm within
The trees they were as green agen
Where bees the flowers would kiss
But flowers and trees seemed sweeter then
— My early home was this —
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