My Laddie

— — O H , my laddie, my laddie,
— — I lo'e your very plaidie,
— — I lo'e your very bonnet
— — Wi' the silver buckle on it,
— — I lo'e your collie Harry,
— — I lo'e the kent ye carry;
But oh! it's past my power to tell
How much, how much I lo'e yoursel!

— — Oh, my dearie, my dearie,
— — I could luik an' never weary
— — At your een sae blue an' laughin',
— — That a heart o' stane wad saften,
— — While your mouth sae proud an' curly
— — Gars my heart gang tirlie-wirlie;
But oh! yoursel, your very sel,
I lo'e ten thousand times as well!

— — Oh! my darlin', my darlin',
— — Let's flit whaur flits the starlin',
— — Let's loll upo' the heather
— — A' this bonny, bonny weather;
— — Ye shall fauld me in your plaidie,
— — My luve, my luve, my laddie;
An' close, an' close into your ear
I'll tell ye how I lo'e ye, dear.
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