My Love Is Fair

My loving dear is very fair
As she walks at morning early
When bean blooms scent the morning air
She walks across the barley
The misty dew spread oer the glade
In sunshine glittered gailey
As forth afield mid sun & shade
I went with Betsey Bailey

Her gown was pink her stocking white
Her face was plump and roundy
To look within her eye so bright
Would utterly confound ye
They'd make you shrink beneath their light
Till words were spoke to quail ye
And then you'd sigh from morn till night
For handsome Betsey Bailey

My love is fair my love is sweet
As red pink or carnation
And if she speaks not when we meet
Its nought but botheration
The waters wrinkle in the wind
The meadows bloom so gaily
And I am troubled in my mind
For absent Betsey Bailey
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