My Minnie Told All

My Minnie told all to my Daddie at e'en
And my lover was by both denied
Sae I made him a bed in fields in their green
And laid my sen close by his side
The wind it blew brisk and shook all the leaves
Which covered us both as we lay
For honest true love it never deceives
Here Minnie & Daddie has nothing to say

The Linnet sang oer us a pleasant gay tune
As ever I heard him before
While there we lay down by the light of the moon
And he kiss'd me quite home to the door
My Minnie said nay & my Daddie forbade
But they could do naething with him
A whisper by dark is not lost in the shade
And to kiss one we love is no sin

The peas are in blossom & sweet the beans smell
And the grass where we sat wavered green
And love in that place not a secret will tell
Where we were not listened to or seen
My Minnie said nay and my Daddie forbade
But forbidden my Lover wont be
We meet there at e'en when he's put by the spade
And will while a leaf's on the tree
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