As My Uncle Ust to Say

I'VE thought a power on men and things —
As my uncle ust to say, —
And ef folks don't work as they pray, i jings!
W'y, they ain't no use to pray!
Ef you want somepin', and jes' dead-set
A-pleadin' fer it with both eyes wet,
And tears won't bring it, w'y, you try sweat ,
As my uncle ust to say.

They's some don't know their A, B, C's —
As my uncle ust to say —
And yit don't waste no candle-grease,
Ner whistle their lives away!
But ef they can't write no book, ner rhyme
No ringin' song fer to last all time,
They can blaze the way fer " the march sublime, "
As my uncle ust to say.

Whoever's Foreman of all things here,
As my uncle ust to say,
He knows each job 'at we're best fit fer,
And our round-up, night and day:
And a-sizin' His work, east and west,
And north and south, and worst and best,
I ain't got nothin' to suggest,
As my uncle ust to say.
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