My Young John Highland Man

Away wi cares and ither waurk
And granny need na look so fretty
Though I put on my Sunday sark
And look me out my dimsey petty
My cotton hose and purple shoon
My bonnie gown o' Tartan plaid
And gang and seek my laddie soon
My bonny young John Heeland lad
The bouldest youth aneath the sun
Is my ain bauld John Heeland man

I'll tear nae mair my claes in twain
To drive my laddies voice fra me
Fu aft I hear him in the rain
And wind that waves the mountain tree
Aye I'll put on my Sunday sark
My net laced cap and bridal gear
Till sundays e'en nae langer waurk
But gang and meet wi Johnny dear
The bauldest lad aneath the sun
Is my young Johnny Heeland man

Why din ye meet me when ye can
And be yer Ailsies Heeland man
My bonny shoon are fine and bra
I canna scarcely squeeze them on
Why were the souters e'en sae sma
He guessed I had em trim for John
I'll e'en tak these na half so fine
Yet neither much the warse for waur
For I maun keep the Laddie mine
Or he'll gang daft in deep despair
The bauldest lad aneath the sun
Is my young Johnny Heeland man

I've pinned me bun and now Ill gae
Nay stay Ill plait my hair in braids
My Auburn hair he loves me sae
I'll be for aye his Heeland maid
He said I beat the rosy brere
That blooms aside our garden pales
My e'en the bonny brook sae clear
That whimpling laughs alang the vales
My bonny bauld John Heeland man
Im sure to meet thee if I can

My hairs in braid my bonnets on
And oer the hills Im sure to gae
My shawl m[a]y hang my arm upon
To keep the night and dews away
Sweet shines the goud upon the broom
And sweet the blush upon the heather
Why dinna Johnny nearer come
That we may sooner meet thegether
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