Nancy Rawley

I cannot brag afore ye men
Of any sort o' riches
So I'll go home and shave my sen
And put on Sunday breeches
I was in love head over ears
And though the day was squally
I paid no heed to natures tears
But went to Nancy Rawley.


O bonny was the rosy maid
As summer flow'rs so bonny
Her hair was done in plaits o' braid
Her eye was bright as ony
Wood echoes mock'd the clapping gate
The day ceas'd to be squally
The year about so soon or late
I courted Nancy Rawley.


I' the green bottoms o' the hedge
Hedge sparrows sat to whistle
The Dragon fly was on the sedge
The bee suck'd on the thistle
The hedge row bushes hung wi drops
The paths were wet and mawley
But on I goes and never stops
A courting Nancy Rawley —


She was a handsome country girl
Her face was sweet enough
And round her neck a string o' pearl
Her gown was crimson stuff
I went in spring and summer too
Through weather fair or squally
And ne'er was happy one week through
Without seeing Nancy Rawley —
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