Nay, but these are Breezes

NAY , but these are breezes bright,
Currents pure from deeps of light;
Bracing to all hearts are they.
He whom winds and seas obey
To the children of His love
Tempers them that they may prove
Free, not lawless, chastely bold,
Self-controlling, Heaven-controlled.
Fear not if strong o'er thee such gales should blow,
Even when autumnal life might sigh for calm;
But test them ere thine heart o'erflow,
By pureness, and by love's soft balm.

From the rushing of that breeze
Far away the ill spirit flees.
What were else a storm and strife,
Blotting the last gleam of life,
Now shall waft thee steadily
Upward through the lucid sky,
Like the deep air gathering
Underneath an eagle's wing.
Then fearless let the sacred whirlwind bear
Thee, wearied else, where Christlike souls ascend:
But mark: — no gales may waft thee there,
But thence were breathed, and homeward tend.
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