Never Let Your Left Hand Know

I had the blues
Last night
I've got 'em again today
My man told me he was
Going away

Is all I can see
Looks like my man has turned his
Back on me

Just let
Me tell you
What your friends will do
Grin in your face and then they'll
Talk about you

Me and my
Girl friend
Went out for a little run
When she seen my man she told him what
I had done

Bring me
A pint of whiskey
And a bottle of beer
If I get drunk
I sure don't care

Eeeeeeeee eeeeee
Eeeeeeeeeeee eeee
Eeee eeee eeee

(Harmonize me daddy)
(Oh run into me, but don't hurt me.)

Take me
Back baby
Try me one more time
I'll do every thing to
Satisfy your mind

Hear what I'm telling you
Don't let your left hand
Know what your right hand do
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