The Night is dark;the hollow wind

The night is dark; the hollow wind
Is breathing faint and low:
Though loth to leave my love behind,
Perforce away I go.

Away o'er mountain and o'er moor, —
My guide, no friendly star;
No window-light, to lead me o'er
The heath, that spreads afar.

Though dark the night, a darker shade
Hangs heavy round my heart.
How deep it sank, as cold she said
Those bitter words: " We part! "

" We part, and, ay, for ever too:
My love for thee has gone. "
I turned, and bade no last adieu
But wildly hurried on.

O, on, through sleet and driving rain,
Still let me ever haste!
Day breaks not on my heart again,
Life lies for ever waste.

Away o'er mountain and o'er moor,
Though cold the gusty wind:
No light to cheer me on before, —
Hope, love, all left behind!
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