Night Leopards hill stand All-ns hells

Nigh Leopards hill stand All-ns hells
The public know the same
Where lady sods & buggers dwell
To play the dirty game

A man there is a prisoner there
Locked up from week to week
He's very fond they do declare
To play at hide & seek

With sweethearts so they seem to say
& such like sort of stuff
Well — one did come the other day
With half a pound of snuff

The snuff went here the snuff went there
& is not that a bad house
To cheat a prisoner of his fare
In a well ordered madhouse

They'll cheat you of your money friend
By takeing too much care o't
& if your wives their cun-ys send
They're sure to have a share o't

Now where this snuff could chance to stop
Perhaps gifts hurded are up
Till Mat & steward open shop
& have a jolly flare up

Madhouses they must shut up shop
& tramp to fairs & races
Master & men as madmen stop
Life lives by changeing places.
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