Nor A nor B, as I shall prove

The following whimsical Jeu d'esprit arose from an Oracle of mine, that Love could make his party good without using one Letter of the Alphabet

 N OR A nor B , as I shall prove,
Are indispensable to Love;
Nor any letters we can get,
In all the English Alphabet.

Nor A nor B their interest find,
In Chloe's form , in Chloe's mind;
Her polish'd arm , her sparkling eye,
Nor C nor D to Love supply.

Nor E nor F her bosom knows,
Nor G nor H her lips disclose;
In dreams that soften Love's delay ,
No thanks are due to I or K .

A touch from HER my heart inspires ,
But neither L nor M requires;
If I should claim, or steal a kiss ,
Nor N, O, P , nor Q , we miss.

If R, S, T, their use resign,
A cheek , a dimple , can be mine;
Nor U nor W can part ,
From Chloe's rights the constant heart.

Nor X , nor Y , nor Z , molest
The Lover's calm and peaceful breast;
'Tis true, that Y , that E , and S ,
Can one enchanting sound express.

But silent Chloe's lips and cheek
The same dear word can better speak;
When Misconstruction she disarms,
Though she says nothing —in my arms.
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