Nothing New

From the dawn of spring till the year grows hoary,
Nothing is new that is done or said,
The leaves are telling the same old story—
“Budding, bursting, dying, dead.”
And ever and always the wild bird's chorus
Is “coming, building, flying, fled.”

Never the round earth roams or ranges
Out of her circuit, so old, so old,
And the smile o' the sun knows but these changes—
Beaming, burning, tender, cold,
As Spring time softens or Winter estranges
The mighty heart of this orb of gold.

From our great sire's birth to the last morn's breaking
There were tempest, sunshine, fruit and frost,
And the sea was calm or the sea was shaking
His mighty main like a lion crossed,
And ever this cry the heart was making—
Longing, loving, losing, lost.

Forever the wild wind wanders, crying,
Southerly, easterly, north and west,
And one worn song the fields are sighing,
“Sowing, growing, harvest, rest,”
And the tired thought of the world, replying
Like an echo to what is last and best,
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