Now must I lern to live at rest

Now must I lerne to lyve at rest
And weyne me of my wyll,
For I repent where I was prest
My fansy to fullfyll.

I may no lenger more endure
My wontyd lyf to lede,
But I must lerne to put in ure
The change of womanhede.

I may not se my servys long
Rewardyd in suche wyse,
Nor may I not sustayn suche wrong
That ye my love dyspyce.

I may not syghe in sorows depe,
Nor wayle the wante of love,
Nor I may nother cruche nor crepe
Where hyt dothe not behove.

But I of force must nedes forsake
My faythe so fondly sett,
And frome henceforthe must undertake
Suche foly to forgett.

Not must I seke some otherways
My self for to withsave,
And as I trust by myn assays
Some Remedy to have.

I aske none other Remedy
To recompence my wronge,
But ons to have the lyberty
That I have lakt so long.
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