But now "no war nor battle's sound"

But now " no war nor battle's sound "
Invades this peaceful battleground
But waves of Concord murmuring by
flowing with gentle harmony.
Yet since we sailed, some things have failed
And many a dream gone down the stream
Here then an aged shepherd dwellt
Who to his flock his substance dealt
And ruled them with a vigorous crook
According to the sacred Book.
But he the pierless bridge passed o'er
And solitary left the shore
Anon a youthful pastor came
Whose crook was not unknown to fame
His lambs he viewed with gentle glance
Spread oer the country's wide expanse
And fed with " mosses from the manse " —
Yonder the rocky seat where late
With soothed and patient ear we sat
Beside our Hawthorne in the dale
And listened to his Twice told Tale. —
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