Now the setting sun is glowing

Now the setting sun is glowing,
Far along the golden sea;
Many an ocean wave is flowing,
Dearest, 'tween thy home and me;
To my lonely bosom showing,
I shall never meet with thee.

Now my heart is madly beating,
As I linger on the west,
Where the golden sun, retreating,
Blazes on the billow's breast;
Bright and fair, but oh! as fleeting,
Was the smile that made me blest.

Now that orb is dimly stealing
To his palace in the deep;
Homeward now the gannets wheeling
O'er the rolling ocean sweep:
But in me the pang of feeling
Time can never lay asleep.

Let me onward, o'er the ocean,
Distance cannot cure my ill;
Rise, ye waves, in wildest motion,
But my heart is throbbing still;
Let it burn with full devotion,—
Deeper,—it will sooner kill.
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