O Mary, my dearest! though waves roll between us

O Mary, my dearest! though waves roll between us,
The light of thy beauty still lives in my heart;
Though gone all the bright sunny days, that have seen us
Smiles and whispers and glances of feeling impart;
Though gone are the hours when the universe brightened,
And glowed with the purest effulgence of love,
When joy, like the flash of a summer cloud, lightened,
And life seemed as sweet as they say 't is above.

O Mary, dear Mary! I cannot forget thee,
Though coldness hath parted my spirit from thine;
For ever the moment of bliss when I met thee
Shall live and be bright in this bosom of mine;
The smile on thy lip, and the words that were spoken,
The glance that revealed me the fire of thy soul,
Like a dream of enchantment that cannot be broken,
Around me in all their first loveliness roll.

O Mary, sweet Mary! O, canst thou forget me,
And think, never think, how we looked and we loved?
O, wilt thou not bid me return there, and let me
Be yet by thy sweetness to ecstasy moved?—
O, bid me return,—and my spirit shall fly then,
Like doves from the storm and the hawk, to their home,
And my heart for no happier dwelling shall sigh then,
But cling to thee,—never, ah! never to roam.
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