"O, there is a bliss in tears!" — in tears that flow

" O, there is a bliss in tears! " — in tears that flow
From out a heart where tender feelings dwell,
That heaveth with involuntary swell
Of joy or grief for others' weal or woe.
The highest pleasures fortune can bestow,
The proudest deeds that victory can tell,
The charms that beauty weaveth in her spell,
These holy, happy tears how far below!
Yes, I would steal me from life's gaudy show,
And seek a covert in a silent shade,
And where the cheating lights of being glow,
See glory after glory dimly fade,
And knowing all my brighter visions o'er,
Deep in my bosom's core my sorrows lay,
And thence the fountains of repentance pour,
Gush after gush, in purer streams away.
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