In Obtuse Angle's Study -

Obtuse Angle, Scopprell, Aradodo, & Tilly Lally are all met in Obtuse Angle's study.
"Pray,' said Aradobo, "is Chatterton a Mathematician?'
"No,' said Obtuse Angle, "How can you be so foolish as to think he was?'
"Oh, I did not think he was--I only ask'd,' said Aradobo.
"How could you think he was not, & ask if he was?' said Obtuse Angle.
"Oh no, Sir. I did think he was, before you told me, but afterwards I thought he was not.'
Obtuse Angle said, "In the first place you thought he was, & then afterwards when I said he was not, you thought he was not. Why, I know that------'
"O no, sir, I thought that he was not, but I ask'd to know whether he was.'
"How can that be?' said Obtuse Angle. "How could you ask & think that he was not?'
"Why,' said he, "it came into my head that he was not.'
"Why then,' said Obtuse Angle, "you said that he was.'
"Did I say so? Law! I did not think I said that.'
"Did not he?' said Obtuse Angle.
"Yes,' said Scopprell.
"But I meant------' said Aradobo, "I--I--I can't think. Law! Sir, I wish you'd tell me how it is.'
Then Obtuse Angle put his chin in his hand & said, "Whenever you think, you must always think for yourself.'
"How, sir?' said Aradobo. "Whenever I think, I must think myself? I think I do. In the first place------' said he with a grin.
"Poo! Poo!' said Obtuse Angle. "Don't be a fool.'
Then Tilly Lally took up a Quadrant & ask'd, "Is not this a sun-dial?'
"Yes,' said Scopprell, "but it's broke.'
At this moment the three Philosophers enter'd, and low'ring darkness hover'd over the assembly.
"Come,' said the Epicurean, "let's have some rum & water, & hang the mathematics! Come, Aradobo! Say some thing.'
Then Aradobo began, "In the first place I think, I think in the first place that Chatterton was clever at Fissie Follogy, Pistinology, Aridology, Arography, Transmography, Phizography, Hogamy, Hatomy, & hall that, but, in the first place, he eat every little, wickly--that is, he slept very little, which he brought into a consumsion; & what was that that he took? Fissie or somethink,--& so died!'
So all the people in the book enter'd into the room, & they could not talk any more to the present purpose.
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