Ode, An

No Glory I covet, no Riches I want,
Ambition is nothing to me:
The one Thing I beg of kind Heaven to grant,
Is a Mind independent and free.

With Passion unruffled, untainted with Pride,
By Reason my Life let me square;
The Wants of my Nature are cheaply supply'd,
And the rest is but Folly and Care.

The Blessings which Providence freely has lent
I'll justly and gratefully prize,
Whilst sweet Meditation and chearful Content,
Shall make me both healthy and wise.

In the Pleasures the Great Man's Possessions display,
Unenvy'd, I'll challenge my Part;
For ev'ry fair Object my Eyes can survey,
Contributes to gladden my Heart.

How vainly through infinite Trouble and Strife
The Many their Labours employ!
Since all that is truly delightful in Life,
Is what All, if they will, may enjoy.
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