Ode to Don Miguel

What ! Miguel, not patriotic! oh, fy!
After so much good teaching't is quite a take-in , Sir;
First schooled as you were under Metternich's eye,
And then (as young misses say) " finisht " at Windsor!

I ne'er in my life knew a case that was harder; —
Such feasts as you had when you made us a call!
Three courses each day from his Majesty's larder, —
And now to turn absolute Don after all! !

Some authors, like Bayes, to the style and the matter
Of each thing they write suit the way that they dine ,
Roast sirloin for Epic, broiled devils for Satire,
And hotchpotch and trifle for rhymes such as mine.

That Rulers should feed the same way, I 've no doubt; —
Great Despots on bouilli served up a la Russe ,
Your small German Princes on frogs and sour crout,
And your Viceroy of Hanover always on goose .

Some Dons too have fancied (tho' this may be fable)
A dish rather dear, if in cooking they blunder it; —
Not content with the common hot meat on a table,
They 're partial (eh, Mig?) to a dish of cold under it!

No wonder a Don of such appetites found
Even Windsor's collations plebeianly plain;
Where the dishes most high that my Lady sends round
Are here Maintenon cutlets and soup a la Reine .

Alas! that a youth with such charming beginnings,
Should sink all at once to so sad a conclusion,
And what is still worse, throw the losings and winnings
Of worthies on 'Change into so much confusion!

The Bulls, in hysterics — the Bears just as bad —
The few men who have , and the many who 've not tick,
All shockt to find out that that promising lad;
Prince Metternich's pupil, is — not patriotic!
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