Ode Upon the King's Escape From Assassination, An


Set to Music by Mr. Bianchi, and sung at Covent-Garden, by Mrs. Dussec, Miss Jackson, Mr. Linton, and Mr. Cimidor, &c. on the 23d June, 1800.

What horrid sound assails the ear

And fills a nation's breast with fear?

'Twas the fell traitor's deadly ball!

But heav'n the murd'rer's aim withstood,

And, guardian of the great and good!

Bade the dread bolt innoxious fall.


May hov'ring angels spread their wings,

To shield from ill the best of kings,

And ward the base assassin's blows!

Still shall our much-lov'd monarch own

His people's love his firmest throne,

For none but fiends can be his foes!


Then let a nation's pray'rs obtain

Divine protection on his reign,

From earth and heav'n's eternal lord!

And, when his mortal sway is pass'd,

In mem'ry shall his virtues last,

Which grateful England shall record!



His tomb will want no gem from India's mine,

For ev'ry Briton's heart will be his shrine!

But far remote, God grant! that time may be,

Which sets him from his earthly duties free!



Let ev'ry loyal Briton raise

His grateful voice in songs of praise!

While treason, in his gloomy cell,

Ere yet he seeks his native hell,

Shall hear, with anguish, millions sing, —

Great God! preserve our patriot King!

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