Odes of Horace - Ode 3.18. To Faunus

O Faunus! ardent to pursue

The nymphs that from thee bound,

Propitious all my fields review,

My sunny haunts — and favour shew

To all my younglings round;

If yearly with a tender kid

Thy presence we invoke,

And if to love and feasting bid,

You daily see th'old altar hid

In wreathes of fragrant smoke.

The cattle on the grassy plain,

Disport in active play;

Both men and flocks at ease remain,

December's nones to entertain,

Which, Faunus, is thy day.

The wolf amongst the lambs is seen,

And by the sheep's defy'd;

Down falls the foliage ever-green,

The delvers dance with joyous mien,

And throw their spades aside.

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