Oft at this leafless season I delight

Oft at this leafless season I delight
To walk the woods & look for sprigs of green
To mark behind a touch wood mossy stump
Were " toad stools" swells like little tables
From the sides & below keeps d[r]ye
A hole were speckld owlets daily lye
I love to see still lingering there
The crimp green leaves of fern
& mark the diff[er]ent shades of barks
Spread thick wi mosses of all hues
The oak wi one side white as choke
& on the other green
The ash bedeckt wi mosses yellow grey
& green some raggd resembling leaves & some
hollowd in cups
The alder black & spotted like the hazel
The dog tree squares of green sweeing wi berrys
Of a glossy pink & foul rice sprigs
red as birds claws.

Woodpeckers bouncing in their ups & downs

The black bird
Rustling in the hedge bottoms for
falling wild fruit is often scard from his meal
by the slim weazel bobbing from hollow roots.
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