Oh Ambulance Man

Hey daddy
hey daddy
don't let me cry in vain

you see I'm wounded
wounded and bleeding
can't you ease my pain?

Mister Amb'lance man
will you rush me to a doctor please!

I ask no wild a-rushing
your daddy can ease your pain with ease.

Can't you see I'm cut in the stomach?
That's the reason I can ease your pain with ease.

Hearts is aching
day is breaking
listen to me I pray

see it snowing
cold wind is blowing
so please be on your way.

Mister Amb'lance man
please don't you drive so rough!

I have got to do it
your daddy have got to strut his stuff.

Can't you see I'm wounded and bleeding?
That's the reason daddy have to drive so rough.

(Oh whip it
till it's roasted like okra now)

Mister Amb'lance man
I can't stay still to save my soul
and you ought to be careful how you
handle my jelly roll.

Mama you know the road is rugged baby
and your daddy's got to satisfy your soul.
I mean my weary
(I mean your
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