Oh Bonny Jane is Handsome

How lovely is the wild rose when dripping wi the rain
How handsome is the golden eye its petal shade wi' in
And the sweet briars bonny bush ever smells as sweet again
When the Shepherd and the Ploughman get wet to the skin
The dimples on the water the rings and bub[b]les too
The rings are on the Ponds and the drops are on the pane
But the tender Maidens blush & the roses inward hue
Are on the face o' modesty the cheeks o' bonny Jane.

O' bonny Jane is handsome and bonny Jane is fair
As the lily and the columbine and rose on the brere
White is her snowy breast and bonny brown her hair
And her eye is a[s] bright as the burnie running clear
And the innerside the white rose her cheeks Maiden hue
As fair is her bonny face and half as fair again
The Kingcup gilded by the sun the heath bells beaded dew
Are nothing half so handsome and beautiful as Jane.

How beautiful the lanscape When daisies gin to blow
And litter o'er the green sod siller sheets o snow
How beautiful the sun when it gleams upon the grass
Like glints upon the water or light i' looking glass
How bonny blooms the hedge rose wi' its golden threads inside
Just as it bloomed upon the day when Jennie was the Bride
And years thats come athwart us have never made us twain
So still a bride with knot untied is handsome bonny Jane.
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