Oh Susan My Dearest

Sweet is the Brompton Stocks perfume at eve
And sweet is the bloom o' the Pink and white Pea
And odours delicious the hedge roses weave
The woodbines they're sweeter than Jessamines be
But none o' these wild blossoms blooming in dew
Can wi the sweet looks of Susey compare
Her cheeks are so sweet & her heart is so true
And soft brown & sunny the hue o' her hair.

Oh susan my dearest to my heart thou'rt nearest
I love thee adore thee & worship thee too
Thy eyes are the brightest thy heart is the dearest
As ever my song in its fancy could loo
Sweet are the green banks covered wi cowslips
And sweet the white thorn in its mantle o' may
Sweet is the white rose that soon will be green hips
That open and blush and shake all away.

O sweet is the woodbine in pearl dews o even
And sweeter is evening when walking wi thee
Thy presence to me is a foretaste of heaven
On its nest sleeps the bird in the flower rests the bee
Come hither my susan the leas o' the pasture
Are studded wi daisies like pearls in thy hair
Come here dearest Susan the brook runs the faster
To see thee so bonny good natured and fair.
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