Oh Whiter Fair Maiden

Oh whither fair maiden so soon in the morning
In thy High Lows & stockings as black as a coal
Oh whither fair maiden in natures adorning
Thy face has bewitch'd me both body and soul
Im going to the village just over the tillage there
Where the weather cock shines i' the gleam o' the sun
Where the Jackdaws a choir build their nests i' the spire
As soon as the Spring has its season begun


We pass'd the pale primrose beneath the wild Briar
The sunbeams were playing in the arc of the sky
The sweet smelling violet we stopped to admire
That blossommed beneath every hedge we pass'd by
Behind and before me I looked all around
I saw no one near when I kiss'd her red cheek
About her white neck I both my arms wound
When she blush'd like a fire & was ready to speak


The lace work o' spiders was beaded wi pearl
The leaves of the clover were silvered wi' dew
Where I took the white hand o' the innocent girl
And led her the field and the spinney quite through
The nuthatches ran down the bark o' the trees
Ring Doves in the Ivy sat still in their nest
And round the wet wild flow'rs whining round were the bees
All choosing those blossoms which suited them best


Neath ribb'd maple stovens sweet lies the blue bell
And Harrietts bosom bent low to the ground
To crop two or three as she liked them so well
How pleasantly fair all the scenery round
In Sight o' the Cottage we sat on the stile
Where I kiss'd her sweet lips in a thrill o' delight
I had to return agen two or three mile
But I promised at parting to meet her that night
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