Okay, Toots


I know a couple of newlyweds,
They've been newlyweds for years.
Just a pair of spooners,
Sunny honeymooners,
This happy couple lives next to me
And it's music to my ears
After ev'ry kiss
To hear him saying this:


“Okay, Toots,
If you like me like I like you,
We know nobody new will do,
It's okay, Toots.
Okay, Toots,
If you say “Yes,” then I'll say “Yes,”
If you say “No,” then it's no go,
It's okay, Toots.
You know I'm in favor of
Whatever you do.
I tasted the flavor of
One kiss and I knew
It was okay, Toots,
If you wash dishes,
I dry dishes.
I dry dishes, I'm ambitious,
Okay, Toots.”


I like a hubby who likes his wife,
And who likes to tell her so.
If you really feel love,
Why should you conceal love?
So if you ever try married life,
You will never find it slow
If you spend each day
Just talking in this way:

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