From an Old Book of Fables

‘Gold is a general purchaser—buys all
‘From the high alter pallace bench & Hall
‘Down to the humble cottage hut or stall
‘Buys smiles or tears melts eyes or drys em—gold
‘Like Esops satire buys breath hot & cold
‘Makes out all wants & all defects supplies
‘Een the old wrinkled hag young courtier buys
‘Can buy an ass a penegaric—build
‘A dog a monument—vice with virtue gild
‘Nay buys a coward laurels—& what not
‘Thus the proud Gaul the stile of great has got
‘That neer faced foe in reach of cannon shot
‘Buys knaves an office traitors power & trust
‘High & low fliers bought with shining dust
‘Buys villany a mask hypocrisy paint
‘Buys inside devil the out side face o' saint
‘Buys tyrants champions—cut throats caps & knees
‘Buys lies & oaths buys souls & consiences
‘Buys prayers & curses buys both earth & hell
‘Nay buys heaven too at least if Rome can sell
‘What is it which that tempting ore cant buy
‘Buys every thing but truth & honesty[']
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