Oundle Phebe

My bonny blooming Oundle Lassie
More beautifull then Hebe
Let's wander in the meads sae grassy
My bonny bluiming Oundle Phebe
The beautifull & true my love
The beautifull & true
Are in that rosey face my love
& those bright eyes o' blue.

They're brighter then a bleb o' dew
On the rose leaves underside
That tremble as the wind blows through
Brighter then ony thing beside
I never saw a fairer face
E'er since the days of Hebe
The sweetest flower o' ony place
Is beautys pastoral Phebe.

O my bonny rosey Phebe
Beautifull as greece's Hebe
Bright-eyed pastoral blooming Phebe
O my blooming bonny Phebe
Had I the world the land & sea
I'd gi' it wi' myself to Phebe
My queen & goddess she shud be
The bright & beautious Phebe.

I snatch the bell flower frae the dew
Frae woods the valleys lily
Thy bosom had the selfsame hue
When I stood shally shilly
Beside thee by the bright green thorn
A gazing upo' Phebe
The sweetest rose bud o' the morn
Art thou my lovely Phebe.

I look upo' the heat o' day
I look upo' the dawning
The morning red the e'ening grey
The blooming & adorning
The gouden plumage o' the dove
Is not sae bright as Phebe
The pink o' a' the warld's luv
Is fascinating Phebe.
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