Part of a Tour in Wales

A T this place I discover'd the fam'd British Moloch —
Now his heart, you must know, to your Uncle has no lock;
So he gave me his dinner, and paid for the honour,
Polly thank'd me for kivers I shower'd upon her.
In the party I found she had pick'd up a nigler,
In the son of a sort of a gentleman-higler.
An Arcadian walk in the evening they took,
On the banks of the Severn , that Polypheme's brook.
Man of Iron then open'd his conjugal budget;
" Miss and Master, " said he, " to the altar will trudge it. "
All the day had old Polypheme been a-harpooning,
While the Lovers their voice in duetts had been tuning,
And, as Loves are of so many different Religions,
They might fancy they bill'd and they coo'd like two pigeons.
By the way, and perhaps 'twas a hint of the noose,
We had pigeons for dinner, a pig , and a goose .
I have turn'd up my hair like an Abbe's quite neat,
And have sabled my coat Mr. Sheriff to meet;
But at Newport I first Brother Moysey shall kick-up,
And a Dinner Judicial in state I shall pick up.
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