Patience for my device


[Lover:] Patience for my device,
Impatience for your part.
Of contraries the guise
Must needs be overthwart.
Patience, for I am true;
The contrary for you.

[Lady:] Patience, a good cause why!
Yours hath no cause at all.
Trust me, that stands awry
Perchance may sometime fall.
" Patience" then say, and sup
A taste of Patience' cup.

[Lover:] Patience! No force for that,
Yet brush your gown again.
Patience! Spurn not thereat
Lest folks perceive your pain.
Patience at my pleasure
When yours hath no measure.

[Lady:] The t'other was for me;
This patience is for you:
Change when ye list, let see,
For I have ta'en a new.
Patience with a good will
Is easy to fulfil.
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