Peace, Be Still

Fiercely came the tempest sweeping,
Down the lake of Galilee;
But the ship where Christ lay sleeping,
Might not sink in that wild sea.
When He rose the tempest chiding,
When He bade the waters rest;
Calm the little ship went gliding
On the blue lake's quiet breast.

And the white waves rushing past her,
Round her keel lay smooth and still;
For the wild waves knew their Master,
And the winds obey'd His will.
Thou Who heard'st those seamen pleading,
Waking at their anguish cry—
Sleep not now, when comfort needing,
Saviour, unto Thee we fly.

When at night our homes are shaken,
And the howling winds we hear—
As in terror we awaken,
Keep us safe from harm and fear.
When the waves of pride or anger
Rise to vex our hearts within:
Keep us from a greater danger,
From the passion storms of sin.

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