The Peasant's Bench

NONE upon the rights entrench
Of the hallow'd Peasant's Bench!
Loves and Fairies bless the seat
For the Carriers of the Peat!

Rude and bare the sharp ascent,
Broke, and with convulsions rent,
Still they come, and, faint with heat,
Mount the summit, for the Peat .

Brace their spirits! cheer their nerves!
Toil a resting-place deserves:
Who shall envy the retreat
From the labours of the Peat?

None the fabrick disconcert,
Or pollute the board with dirt!
Chairs, though simple, may be neat,
For the Carriers of the Peat .

Here 's the seat that Pity chose
For the Labourer's repose: —
You her prayers, her tears intreat,
For the Carriers of the Peat .

" 'Tis for them , and them alone: " —
Make it through the Mountains known,
Till the charter is compleat
For the Carriers of the Peat .

Mischief here with ruffian's hand
Strikes in vain: — 'tis fairy-land:
Forms unseen their spells repeat,
For the Carriers of the Peat .

But, if Condescencion there
Ever guides the Royal Pair ,
They shall rest their weary'd feet,
Like the Carriers of the Peat .

If the Nymphs, their lovely race,
The sequester'd plank should grace; —
Peasants, rise; the Angels greet:
Smiles like theirs will bless the Peat!

If the Lover and the Maid
Hither unobserv'd have stray'd; —
Baffle not their union sweet:
Take a circle to the Peat!

No unhallow'd strangers fear:
Take your seats unenvy'd here!
'Tis the guiltless Peasant's treat —
Loves and Fairies bless the Peat!
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