Peggy was a Young Thing

Peggy said good morning and I said good bye
When Farmers dib the corn in and Ladd'y's sow the rye
Young Peggy's face was common sense and I was rather shy
Where I met her i' the morning when Farmers sow the rye

Her half laced boots fit tightly as she tripped along the grass
And she set her foot so lightly where the early bee doth pass
O Peggy was a young thing her face was common sense
I courted her about the spring and loved her ever since

O Peggy was the young thing and bonny as to size
Her lips were cherries O' the spring and hazle were her eyes
O Peggy she was straight and tall as is the poplar tree
Smooth as the freestone O' the wall and very dear to me

O Peggy's gown was chocolate and full o cherries white
I keep a bit on't for her sake and love her day and night
I drest myself just like a Prince and Peggy went to woo
But she's been gone some ten years since and I knew not what to do
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