The Penalty of Genius

When little 'Pollus Morton he's
A-go' to speak a piece, w'y, nen
The Teacher smiles an' says 'at she's
Most proud, of all her little men
An' women in her school — 'cause 'Poll
He allus speaks the best of all.

An' nen she'll pat him on the cheek,
An' hold her finger up at you
Before he speak'; an' when he speak'
It's ist some piece she learn' him to!
'Cause he's her favor-ite. . . . An' she
Ain't pop'lar as she ust to be.

When 'Pollus Morton speaks, w'y, nen
Ist all the other children knows
They're smart as him an' smart-again! —
Ef they can't speak an' got fine clo'es,
Their Parunts loves 'em more'n 'Poll-
Us Morton, Teacher, speech, an' all!
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