On a Picture of the Holy Family

One , His very Mother, she
Holds the Child upon her knee,—
Him, the Second of the Three.

Unbegot ere time began,
Truly God and truly Man,
Infinite in finite span.

One, with lilies in his hand,
By the two is seen to stand,—
Was there ever aught so grand!

Thus, when Joseph's work was done,
Sat the Mother and the Son,—
Unity and three in one.

Joseph's house is surely blest,
Harboring such wondrous Guest,—
Oh, but what of Mary's breast!

What of her whose heart supplied
To His veins their crimson tide,—
Word made Flesh within her side!

Draw the veil of heaven and see
Where in heaven's height is she,—
Nearest to the Trinity.

And beside her very nigh,
On the other side of sky,
Joseph sure is standing by.

Christ, as though the Trinity
Were not home enough for Thee,
Ye are still a family.
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