For the Picturesque

Pleasures fond phantasys their dreams supply
Like air drawn pictures on an evening sky

Like as the autumn hollioak runs tall
& hides the time rents in the mouldering wall
I think it melancholly cause it blooms
Till autumn dies & cloudy weather comes

Memory & time deciples unto fame
Gives merits claims a being & a name
Phaw envy cries & sneers when first it sees
The rude beginnings of its ennergies
But in the day break of its light begun
Merit admires & points a rising sun

The sober morn looks out in hodden grey
Like to a wood man in the peep o day

The delicate perriwinkle opening blue
Just as the may comes beautiful & new

I feel a rapture in the joys of song
Quiet as glides the gentle brook along
Neath the soft twilight of a summers eve
When of the day the sun hath taken leave
& oer the west & oer the face of things
His golden mantle like a vision flings
Where nature like Elishas straining eye
Wins inspiration from its majesty

Types of that splendid hope that every breast
Wears like a tallisman of peace & rest

& daffodillys that full early fling
Their golden jewel round the couch of spring

As love in anger meaneth to be kind
& frowns when smiles in ambush sport behind

Love is the manna youths fond heart esteems
The sweetest music of lifes summer dreams
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