Pidgeon Py, The. A Poem in Imitation of the Monumental Gratitude

Hark, Stygian Muse; the Noise and discord dire,
Of Heated Ovens, and of Crackling Fire,
While Smoke, and Soot, and falling Sticks of Wood,
And Scattering Coal, and foaming Pidgeons Blood,
With hideous Riot all deform the Floor,
Rage, fury, firebrands, bellowing outrage, roar.
Reason and Sense avaunt, the py appears,
And charms at once Touch, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, and Ears.
Fall on, Huzza! Break down the Bulwarks Strong
Let Gravy gush and pidgeons Sprawl along.
Salt, pepper, Butter, Marrow, flesh and Bones,
Mix in the Mouth while Spoons encounter Spoons
Forks rush at Forks, and plates on plates resound,
Knives Knives repell, and crust recrackles round.
War, tumult, Havock, Sputt'ring, Out-cries . . . .
[text indecipherable] Crickets,
[text indecipherable] of
Reach to the roof and [indecipherable] the air
Wine, [indecipherable], beer, their Foamy Fellows all,
Tankards on Tankards flour, and Bowl on Bowl,
Impetuous fire, but the [indecipherable] worst,
[indecipherable] Glasses crash, and Broken bottles Burst.
But then my song shall later a Mount remain,
As long as the plain.

The Table totters, till the at once
Crash to the Floor in one amazing Bounce.
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