Prayer Encouraged -

Matth. 7.7 — 11. with Luk. II.9.13.

That Lord, on whose Account alone
Our Pray'rs prevail with God,
Bids us Address that Glorious One,
With Prayers for Ev'ry Good.

Ask now, and ye shall have , (saith He)
" Seek now, and ye shall find .
" Heav'ns Doors, at which you Knocking be,
" Shall Open to your Mind.

" What Father , to a Sons Request
" For Bread or Fish , will throw
" A Stone or Snake? His very best
" He'l on a Son bestow.

" God is your Better Father ; You
" In me, His Children are;
You'l Gain, with His Good Spirit now,
" All Good Things else, by Pray'r.

Joh . 16.23.

" Children , Then to the Father Go;
" Go, in my Name, I say:
" Rich Blessings , He will give unto
" Them, in that Name, who Pray .
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