The Prayer of Islam

We praise Thee, O Compassionate!
Master of Life and Time and Fate,
Lord of the labouring winds and seas,
Ya Hameed! Ya Hafeez!

Thou art the Radiance of our ways,
Thou art the Pardon of our days,
Whose name is known from star to star,
Ya Ghani! Ya Ghaffar!

Thou art the Goal for which we long,
Thou art our Silence and our Song,
Life of the sunbeam and the seed —
Ya Wahab! Ya Waheed!

Thou dost transmute from hour to hour
Our mortal weakness into power
Our bondage into liberty,
Ya Quadeer! Ya Quavi!

We are the shadows of Thy light,
We are the secrets of Thy might,
The visions of thy primal dream,
Ya Rahman! Ya Raheem!
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