The Precaution

The Precaution, Moderniz'd from Chaucer, and sung by Mr. Lowe at Vaux-Hall

From sweet, bewitching tricks of love,
Young men, your hearts secure;
Lest from the paths of sense you rove,
In dotage premature:
Look at each lass thro' wisdom's glass,
Nor trust the naked eye;
Gallants! beware, look sharp, take care,
The blind eat many a fly.

Not only on their hands and necks,
The borrow'd white you'll find,
Some belles, where interest directs,
Can even paint the mind:
Joy in distress they can express,
Their very tears will lie;
Gallants! beware, &c.

There's not a spinster in the realm,
But all mankind can cheat;

Down to the cottage, from the helm,
The learn'd, the brave, and great
With lovely looks, and golden hooks,
T' entangle us they try:
Gallants! beware, &c.

Could we with ink the ocean fill,
Was earth of parchment made,
Was ev'ry single stick a quill,
Each man a scribe by trade;
To write the tricks of half the sex
Would drain the ocean dry:
Gallants! beware, &c.
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