Preparatory Thanksgiving-Song, Fetch'd from the Beginning and Conclusion of the Hundred and Third Psalm

A Wake , my Soul, Awake , and Bless
JEHOVAH the most Blessed One:
Bless Him, and His Blest Holiness
Let all my Inward Powers Own.
The Glories of that Lord, my Soul,
Confess with Praises , just and high;
And His vast Benefits Extol
With a most Thankful Memory .

Tho' thy Sins have His Wrath incurr'd
He does those Horrid Sins Forgive;
And tho' thy Sins have thee procur'd
Diseases, These He does Relieve.
He does from Deaths and Hells dark place
Thy Life , though Forfeited, Redeem:
And with Rich Mercies of His Grace ,
Thou art, How Richly! Crown'd by Him.

Thy Mouth did never Wisely Crave
That Good , which He would not afford.
Such Bowels is our Fathers have,
And more than such are in the Lord.

O ye Bright Angels , who transcend
In Might , show with your Might abroad,
While ye His Will and Voice attend,
The Praise of our Almighty God.
Armies of Angels , that Obey
The Great Gods only Son and Heir ,
His Greatness , Oh! Gladly Display:
You and We, His Glad Servants are.

All He has made , throughout His whole
Dominion too, Let all Adore
Their Maker : But, O Thou, my Soul,
Bear part with them for-ever-more.
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