Prithee, Gentle Lady, List

Prithee, gentle Lady, list
To a small Ventriloquist:
I whose pretty voice you hear
From this paper speaking clear
Have a Mother, once a Statue!
I, thus boldly looking at you,
Do the name of Paphus bear,
Famed Pygmalion's son and heir,
By that wondrous marble wife
That from Venus took her life.
Cupid's nephew then am I,
Nor unskilled his darts to ply;
But from him I craved no warrant
Coming thus to seek my parent;
Not equipped with bow and quiver
Her by menace to deliver,
But resolved with filial care
Her captivity to share.
Hence, while on your Toilet, she
Is doomed a Pincushion to be,
By her side I'll take my place,
As a humble Needlecase
Furnished too with dainty thread
For a Sempstress thoroughbred.
Then let both be kindly treated
Till the Term for which she's fated
Durance to sustain, be over:
So will I ensure a Lover,
Lady! to your heart's content;
But on harshness are you bent?
Bitterly shall you repent
When to Cyprus back I go
And take up my Uncle's bow.
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