Prologue to Julius Caesar, A. Spoke by a Young Nobleman of Westminster School

Spoke by a young Nobleman of Westminster-School, before the Queen and the Royal Family, in the Year 1727.

To represent a Heroe we aspire,
Our Authors long have taught us to admire;
For what Historian's Work, what Poet's Lays,
But boast This Theme, and shine with Caesar 's Praise?
He still appears the fav'rite Classic Name,
And stands unrivall'd on the List of Fame.
But O! superior as his Worth was known,
By that superior Worth was Rome undone.
She wept the mighty Genius she ador'd;
His Parts, his Industry, his Pen, his Sword,
Nay, ev'n his very Clemency deplor'd.
She prais'd her Son, the Good, the Wise, the Brave,
And whilst she prais'd him, griev'd she was his Slave.
For no Restraints his Lust of Pow'r confin'd,
High were his Aims, and uncontrol'd his Mind;
Fiercely he grasp'd at a forbidden Throne,
And in a Commonwealth would reign alone.
Hence Civil Wars and dire Dissension rose,
And hence the Friends of Rome were Caesar 's Foes.
With no such Dread beholds our happy Land
Her Scepter plac'd in GEORGE 's sacred Hand:
He's our best Strength who bears the Regal Sway,
He our best Patriot who can best obey.
One is the People's and the Sov'reign's Cause;
BRITANNIA 's King is Guardian of her Laws:
Secure She draws her Freedom from the Throne,
And in Her Caesar 's Safety stands her own.
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